Have You Tried The Disease Diet?

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Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Veganism, Vegetarianism, Eat By Design… Which diet is right for you?

There is constant debate about which is the best diet for people to follow to get the best results, to maintain the majority of the positive changes they achieve and ultimately improve their life for the long haul.

While there are numerous differences with each approach, the commonality among them is:

“If you follow the prescription, you will get the correct result.”

Now, I understand this sounds cryptic and a bit vague but let me assure you it’s not at all.  What it means is that everything you do (not just what foods you consume, what exercise systems you use, your sleep quality, the approach to chiropractic care you incorporate) will lead to an outcome determined by the specific action you take.

Here’s the problem.  What if your actions are not leading to the outcomes you are attempting to achieve?

Before you start blaming your commitment or your work ethic (which is sometimes the real issue), it’s very possible your actions are NOT capable of creating the outcomes you desire.

Maybe you were duped? Maybe you are “wishing” what you are doing will work to accomplish your goals? Either way 1+1 never equals three, no matter how much you wish it did or believed in it.

This principle is often seen in people who find themselves spinning their wheels, getting more and more sick following the same food, exercise and health prescription as the main stream.

Just as you can create health by implementing the actions that meet the requirements of the body, you too can create disease by actioning the incorrect principles.  You can make yourself sick by unconsciously following the mistakes of others or worse, it can be conscious.  You know what you are doing is wrong but you want to “believe” so badly it’s right that you choose to destroy your health in the process.

What makes something right is not whether you think that it is, it’s not that you believe in it…it’s that it is right.  So, before you question your work ethic, your dedication or commitment, check your premises and make sure what you are doing will lead to your desired outcomes and not be a recipe for the opposite…and in some cases, a recipe for disaster.

Posted on August 17, 2015 in diet, health

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